Theoministries - Life Changing Studies

Studies to promote scriptural integrity, preaching and academic achievement

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Theoministries - Projects and Outreach

Here you will find examples of projects undertaken and in progress, from South America to Europe, Pakistan and Africa.

A Teaching Ministry for Great Commission United (GCU)

Theoministries - To Encourage & Empower

An international World Wide Teaching Ministry in the practical application of Holy Spirit Empowered Movement.

About Us

Theoministries is a World Wide Teaching Ministry which believes, moves and proclaims the Lordship of Jesus Christ as Saviour, Redeemer, Healer, Baptiser and Coming King

Theoministries exists to enable, train and send Ministers to fulfil their call in Christ Jesus

An interdenominational arm of the existing Church, Theoministries believes in authentic worship, the integrity of the Christian Biblical Text and is passionate about the local church and its members. Theoministries actively promotes and encourages others in their individual mission's to see God’s kingdom established across the earth, throughout the streets and within Christian Fellowships of our localities.

The Practical Outworking of our

Ministerial Activities

World Wide Missions

From experience we have found that World Wide ministry happens when Christian Lifestyle is apparent, with a desire to move by the Power of the Holy Spirit - in short Missions happen It's your choice to go or stay!

Street Ministries

This Ministry is much neglected world wide, it's often where live's are changed completely as you meet, encourage and pray for individuals in the Power of the Holy Spirit in the locality of the streets where you live.

Education and Training

GCU trains, and enables Ministers in the practical aspects of everyday ministry. Encouraging new and old ministries to rebirth their call and enthusiasm within the Living word of Almighty God.

The Leadership of Theoministries

Meet Our Executive

William Hodge

CEO & Founder GCU

Peter Cunningham

LLR Ministries

Ben Culbertson

Theoministries Founder

Brian McKay

VBC International

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We are committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Great Commission.